Skillet Now Offers Two Versions of “Save Me”


The multi-platinum rock band Skillet presented their most recent release, Save Me with an official music video earlier this year on April 4 which has been seen over 3.5 million times. The video and song have the familiar sound and feel of a Skillet song, but there are two versions for fans to enjoy.

This week, the band has produced a new “reimagined” version of the song which is decidely different. For some, it will be a little easier on the ears, but there is more to it. The new version has a whole new emotion built into it. The song was produced by Korey Cooper and husband John couldn’t be happier with the result.

“I am so proud of my wife Korey for this amazing version of ‘Save Me,’” says John. “It is haunting and powerful. She never ceases to amaze me.”

Compare the two versions of the song below. The new version is now available on all DSPs.

“Save Me” original

“Save Me – Reimagined”

As if that weren’t enough, the song also has its own video game, which the band launched in May. In the game, each of the band members are characters fans can select and play as. Once a character is selected, the characters run through a maze where players are meant to avoid various aspects seen in the “Save Me” music video: the hand (callout to John’s scene), water/poison (callout to Jen’s scene), and fire (callout to John’s scene/smoking hands burning his eyes), which will be floating around chasing them; similar to the ghosts in Pac Man. You can play it here.

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