This Day in Pop Culture for June 10

Ben Franklin flying a kite

1752: Ben Flies a Kite

Benjamin Franklin was pretty much interested in electricity and spent about ten years trying out a varitey of electrical experiments before flying a kite during a thunderstorm on this day in 1752. The hope was to collect a charge in a Leyden jar when the kite was struck by the lightning. After the experiment, Franklin came up with a bunchof terms that we use everyday today like batery, conductor and electrician. He is also responsible for creating the lightning rod.

2007: The Sopranos End

The HBO TV series The Sopranos came to end on this day in 2007. Some people thought that the “cut to black” ending was clever while others hated leaving things up-in-the-air.

1847: The Chicago Tribune

The “Great Newspaper of the West” began being published on this day in Chicago.

1939: Barney Makes an Entrance

While not as well-known as his cartoon counterparts, MGM released the first Barney Bear cartoon on this day for the short, The Bear That Couldn’t Sleep.


  • 1922: Judy Garland (actress)
  • 1928: Maurice Sendak (author and illustrator)
  • 1965: Elizabeth Hurley (model)
  • 1982: Tara Lipinski (Olympic figure skater)
  • 1992: Kate Upton (actress)

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