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What Every Xbox Gamer Needs

Numskull Designs has just announced their full line of Xbox branded merchandise which is full of stuff you didn’t know you needed to have. Whether you’re an old-school fan of the original Xbox, Xbox 360 Xbox One, there is something for everyone. Launching in May, the full range of products include Official Xbox One Controller metal keychains, “Achievement Unlocked” keychains,

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Lucy Returns in ‘Funny Money’ Special

CBS presents another one-hour colorized I Love Lucy special this Friday at 8 p.m. The “Funny Money” special includes the episodes “The Million-Dollar Idea” and “Bonus Bucks” and are newly colorized with a nod to the 1950s period in which they were filmed. In “The Million-Dollar Idea,” Lucy and Ethel attempt to get rich quick by bottling Lucy’s homemade salad

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Coming Soon: ‘Dark Phoenix’

Unlike the steady stream of good storytelling of many of Marvel comics movie franchises, the X-Men series pretty much has been hit of miss over the years from “Excellent” to “Are you kidding me?” With today’s release of the final trailer for next chapter, Dark Phoenix, it is hard to tell what end of the spectrum the film will land

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Trinity Releases ‘Anthem of Love’

While performing for the fist time at the 2019 World Youth Day in Panama City, Trinity recorded their “Anthem of Love” video which is fitting for the Netherlands-based group who claim to be “creating heavily parties in and outside the church.” Organized by the Catholic Church, the event reportedly drew 600,000 young people, many featured in the video which was

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