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Disney Works Its Magic, Albeit a Little Less with ‘Frozen 2’

Frozen 2

If the original Frozen is considered an A+ movie, the sequel is a solid B. While good and entertaining, it just doesn’t measure up to the first, but then again, that would be hard to do. There’s nothing groan-inducing and I will say, that the first half of the movie recaptures much of magic and heart from the first film.

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Diane Keaton Elevates Uneven but Cute ‘Poms’

Over the years Diane Keaton has portrayed different female characters in different stages of life. She was J.C. Wiatt, the strong, powerful businesswoman who became a reluctant adopted mother in Baby Boom (1987); Nina Banks the loving, devoted wife and gushing mother in Father of the Bride (1991); Annie MacDuggan Paradis, a bitter divorcee in First Wives Club (1996) and

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