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The Art of the Beard
David and Angie Sacks
September 28, 2019

All around the U.S., men everywhere are denouncing the baby-smooth standard that society has set and are reembracing their face in its most natural state. A select group of these well-whiskered men and their faithful Whiskerinas have taken this dedication a step further through the formation of their very own competitive community. Backed by the jackpot of good genetics and a well-oiled care routine, this group of grooming enthusiasts competes all over the world in hopes of recognition in the art of pogonotrophy. Step inside this whimsical, wild, and often-misunderstood world of competitive bearding through the lens of David Sacks. Comb through his collection of over 200 portraits and see for yourself how beautifully weird the beard can be.

He Reads Truth Bible

He Reads Truth Bible
Available now

Created by Christian Standard Bible, the He Reads Truth Bible, is much bulkier and heavier than your iPhone. The 6.5 x 6.75 x 2.5 tome weighs about 3.25 lbs despite that fact that it contains that super-light paper material found in just about all bibles that makes that crisp sound when you turn the pages. Though decidedly low-tech, this Bible packs a punch with curated reading plans for every book of the Bible plus a one-year Bible plan, hand-lettered key verse artwork (66 of them in fact), 125 charts, info-graphics and illustrations, 17 timelines, 21 maps and outlines with additional information about each book. Read More>>>

Snack Hacks
Claudia Christian and Mark Michel
Available now

Considered “The easiest and most delicious fast food book for gamers ever written” by pro gamer Weston Dennis, Claudia’s recipes include meals for one (to keep sole gamers fueled-up and ready for action), snacks and appetizers for weekend gaming sessions with friends and entrées and desserts to take your parties to the next level. Threaded throughout are “Hack Attacks” (tricks to make your time in the kitchen quicker and easier) and “In Game Downloads” (tips to make the recipes your own). Co-author Mark Michel details how his gaming experience, cooking ability, and ingenious life hacks help him deal with the limitations of his cerebral palsy.

Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done
Ray Barnett
November 1, 2019

African Children’s Choir Founder Ray Barnett Shares his struggles and triumphs of a leading a human-rights based ministry in his autobiography. In it, Barnett takes readers on a rollercoaster journey through his childhood in the rough, working-class neighborhood of Killowen—a childhood marked by loss, abuse, learning disabilities, rejection, and the crushing discovery that the family who raised him was not his own. Driven by his faith, Barnett sets out to accomplish what seems like the impossible—from securing the release of Hezbollah-held hostages and imprisoned Christians in the former Soviet Union and Africa, to launching the world-renowned African Children’s Choir. Along the way, he also manages to unravel the life-long mystery surrounding his identity.

The View from Rock Bottom
Stephanie Tait
August 6, 2019

What is your response to suffering? How do you react when you lose your job? When you experience a miscarriage? When you receive a difficult diagnosis? Do you blame God for your pain, or beg Him for a way out of your suffering? In more than a decade of physical pain, misdiagnoses, and debilitating treatments, Stephanie Tait admits she did plenty of both before hearing the words that had drastically altered her life: Lyme disease. Yet in this hard reality, she has discovered Jesus is most present in her suffering. In the book, Tait shares personal stories and biblical examples to teach readers that suffering connects them to God as He meets them in their moment of pain, strengthens their communities when they allow others to comfort them in sorrow and gives them greater appreciation for life’s goodness as they gain an eternal perspective.

Love Our Vets: Restoring Hope for Families of Veterans with PTSD
Welby O’Brien
Available now

An authority on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, O’Brien’s book is for caregivers, families, loved ones, and veterans themselves who are struggling to survive the daunting wake of trauma. O’Brien penned this title after marrying a veteran who suffers as a result of his experiences in combat. Welcomed by veteran organizations, NAMI, the VA, and other counselors, Love Our Vets’ deeply relevant subject matter has resulted in an online community serving families of those battling posttraumatic stress. More importantly, it has grown to encourage, educate, and inspire families and friends who are living with relentless challenges in the dark and lonely world of PTSD.

Knives and Needles: Tattoo Artists in the Kitchen
Molly A. Kitamura & John Agcaoili
Available October 28, 2019

Tattoo artists from around the United States invite you into their personal kitchens in this intimate cookbook full of their favorite home recipes. Full-color photos of their own tattoos showcase their work in vivid detail. Recipes are easy to follow and range from guacamole and margaritas to guava-glazed ribs, from mom’s quesadillas de Oaxaca to vegan churros, and from grandma’s baked apples to Freddy Corbin’s apple pipe. Knives and Needles celebrates the intersection of food and tattoo culture and the beauty that comes from skill transforming into art, whether it is through ink or the plate.

Raising Successful Teens: How to Help Your Child Honor God and Live Wisely
Jeffrey Dean
Available September 3, 2019

In a world where suicide is spiking among young people between the ages of 10-17 and pornography is becoming the norm for 64% of young people, Jeffrey Dean offers a biblically-based message of hope and encouragement for parents in the trenches. In addition to providing unique perspectives from teens and parents, this book will help readers become all-in parents by equipping them to anticipate and be ready to answer the Top 10 Questions teens are asking today, understand the warning signs for suicide and navigate the current trends of sexting, Snapchat, and image-focused social media.