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AuthorJeffrey Totey

I write about pop culture, arts and entertainment in the greater Seattle area.

‘Zootopia’ is a Great Place to Visit

Zootopia is a great place to visit, except maybe skip the DMV.

Harry Connick Jr.

Harry Connick Jr. is the Real Deal

Imagine you were about to receive a phone call from Harry Connick Jr. You know, the singer (with eight platinum or multiplatinum albums, three Grammy awards, two Emmys, and Tony-nominated work on Broadway) the actor (who has appeared in 22 movies) and the judge from American Idol. How would you feel? Nervous? Excited? Wanting to throw up? That pretty much sums up my recent conversation with the man.

‘Monsters University’ is a Scream

Instead of a sequel, the folks at Pixar and Disney decided to go the prequel route to explore how these two oddballs met in the first place and the result is pretty favorable. There’s no re-hashing here, it’s a whole new story with familiar friends. Unlike other “origin” stories, this one is fun to sit through.