Nabisco’s Chips Ahoy! to Celebrate 60 Years with Huge Giveaway

It’s no surprise that America’s best-selling cookie is Oreo, but the #2 spot goes to another Nabisco brand: Chips Ahoy! Celebrating 60 years, Chips Ahoy! were first found on store shelves in 1963 proclaiming that an average of 16 chips were to be found in every cookie. Today, Nabisco is making a big to-do for the birthday be giving out a lot of prizes to celebrate the occasion including a special, one-of-a-kind birthday party aboard a private yacht!

Two lucky “brand fans” will receive a 3-day/2-night trip to Miami, Florida for an epic birthday party to on a Chips Ahoy!-branded yacht. According to Nabisco, the winners (and four of their friends) will spend the day sipping espresso martini mocktails which snacking on Chips Ahoy! ice cream sandwiches and listening to a live DJ.

(Mondelēz International, Inc.)

In addition, 300 other winners will be gifted with a Chips Ahoy! Happiest Party Kit to enjoy at home. The box will contain a premium heavyweight hoodie designed by streetwear designer Vandy the Pink (who says that the cookies are his favorite), a disposable camera, Bluetooth speaker, birthday candles, cookie-shaped confetti and of course a pack of the iconic cookies. The gift box was concepted by the leading shopping platform, NTWRK.

(Mondelēz International, Inc.)

“Chips Ahoy! is ‘Here for Happy’ and we know birthdays are some of the happiest times of year for everyone, no matter how old you are,” said Sabrina Sierant, Senior Director, Chips Ahoy!. “We are always looking for ways to up the ante when it comes to celebrating, so this year, we’re excited to offer some of our biggest fans the chance to have the most memorable, happiest birthday celebration ever through our sweepstakes.”

Nobody seems to know for sure where the name Chips Ahoy! came from. The most obvious of course is that it is a play on words for the nautical term, “Ships Ahoy!” But the phrase “Chips Ahoy!” can also be found on the pages of Charles Dickens’ The Uncommercial Traveller where a character named Chip is taunted by a talking rat who says, “Chips ahoy! Old boy!” And it’s even possible that the name was inspired by the Disney cartoon, Chip ‘n’ Dale of the same name which was released in 1956.

(Chips Ahoy! Images: Mondelēz International, Inc. / Chip ‘n’ Dale image: Wikipedia/Disney)

In the early days, bags of Chips Ahoy! featured images of a superhero known as “Cookie Man” whose alter ego, Mort Meek could be seen counting 16 chips in each cookie. Since then, not much has changed with the classic cookie. By 2010, the brand was using stop-motion chocolate chips cookie mascots to sell the product and today there are many different versions of the cookies to be had including chunky, chewy and candy-blasts.

The Chips Ahoy! Happiest Birthday Sweepstakes is on right now through May 15, 2023 and you can enter again every day until then (one entry per day) by visiting

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