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2 Cellos Find Their ‘Demons’


You may be unaware of the Croatian duo that make up 2CELLOS, and if so it is high time that you meet them. Luka Šulić and Hauser of 2CELLOS are two classically trained cellists who have taken the cello to unimagined heights. Their signature style breaks down the boundaries between genres of music, from classical and film music, to pop and rock. They first reached video viral fame in 2011 with their rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” Since then, the two have amassed a 1.3 billion YouTube views and 5.5 million subscribers

Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, 2CELLOS star in a new music video covering Imagine Dragons’ hit song, “Demons.” Filmed in a mysterious bunker in Istria, Croatia, Hauser enters the frame, and takes viewers on a journey into the unknown.

“We tried to simplify the arrangement without losing the power of the song,” said 2CELLOS. “We wanted to make sure it was a 2CELLOS arrangement without adding too much. It’s the perfect example of a combination of the emotional, beautiful, and powerful at the same time. It’s the nature of what we do.” “Demons” is available via Sony Music Masterworks.

Main Image: Olaf Hine/Sony Music Masterworks

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