The Pop Culture World of Fiverr


Ten years ago, Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger had what some would call a wacky idea. They created Fiverr, a marketplace that would offer a variety of services that would cost just $5 each. These services, called Gigs, included such things as logo creation, copywriting services and more. By 2012, the company was hosting over 1.3 million Gigs.

Today, you’ll find plenty of services offered including graphic design, digital marketing, writing, translation, video, animation, music, voiceover work, programming, photography, website design, social media, SEO, illustration, data entry and a lot more. However, as the company has grown, so have the prices. Still, there are plenty of things still offered for just five bucks. Plus, you’ll still find a lot of fun services that you won’t find anywhere else.

How many times have you watched an old TV show and thought, “I wish I had my own theme song.” “Ryjones” will write a catchy one for you for just $5. “I believe music should be affordable and everybody deserves a level of professionalism in their music,” he says. “I have played on over 700 records for artists all around the world, guitar, bass, piano and sequenced drums. I enjoy making music, it is my full time job and I love to play instruments! Send me a message and let’s get started…”


What else will $5 buy you? “Rahima09” will use creative typography to create you a custom t-shirt design and “Xeditingexpert” will make you a live action TV commercial with different actors.

What your life to be Disney-fied? “Lulu_troy” will draw your pet to look like it belongs in a Disney movie for just $5. “Samshahrezaey” will draw your car to look like it belongs in a Disney Cars movie for $10 and “Jero0601” will draw you in his own Disney style for $55.


“I’m a freelance cartoonist and graphic designer, with 4 years of professional experience,” says Jero. “I love ’90s animated series, anime and videogames, and I can draw you in ANY style you want!”

Do you have a love for Pokemon? “Mahearn9” will write you a poem about it or any favorite pop culture item for $15. Need a vintage pop culture illustration for you band’s album cover? “Degeha” can set you up for $10. How about your own movie poster? “Zerologhy” will design one for $15. And how about a movie trailer? “Provotalent” will record his voice to sound like a deep movie trailer voice for $40. I don’t see any reason why he can’t make a recording for you cell if you prefer.

Are you a best man in need of some good material for that upcoming wedding? “Danfrench55”, a former late-night TV show writer, will write jokes for you for $100. Sure, but does he have any credentials?

“I am a retired pro comedy writer and have worked for Letterman, Dennis Miller, many standups,” says Dan. “I still like to zing a few jokes here and there, so I am available for punching up scripts, speeches, website copy, slogans and etcetera.”


Like video games? “Faraz_works” can create your own personal video game for $5. “Apps Bakery will create a full 2D game for slightly more – $4,580 – and there are many other offers inbetween. If you prefer, “Smallheadbob” will play a variety of PC games with you for up to 120 minutes for $20 or 8 hours for $85. Meanwhile, “Nidhorghoggen” will create an escape room game design and scenario for you for $30.

Finally, “Chadbwhite” will voice a radio or TV commerical or other audio like a phone message in the voice of John Wayne for $10.


“If you need a real man’s man to voice something, look no further than “The Duke,” says Chad. “He’ll get your message across guaranteed.” However, he cautions, “Now, remember…The Duke was blunt, but he was never vulgar, so watch your copy.”

The opportunities are endless. Visit Fiverr today and see what you can’t live without.


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