Sara Groves Says New Collaboration was Inspired by Human Trafficking Ministry

Sara Groves

Most people wouldn’t think to put the talents of Sara Groves, Audrey Assad, Ellie Holcomb, Propaganda and Robbie Seay together for a singular project, but here they are working together on “Behold,” a new song inspired by International Justice Mission and released last week.

The unlikely pairing was unveiled at IJM’s Liberate Conference which marked 20 years of impactful work around the globe advocating for victims of human trafficking and other forms of violence against the poor. Propaganda, Seay and Groves co-wrote “Behold” two months prior with the intention of capturing the spirit and theme of the event – “Behold, I am doing a new thing, even now I am coming. Do you see it?”

“I have been a fan of Robbie Seay for years and I am completely blown away by Propaganda on all fronts,” shares Groves, a long-time supporter of IJM. “Going in, I wondered how we would navigate coming from different musical spaces – worship leader, singer/songwriter, hip hop artist – but we were at the Art House where all kinds of fusion have occurred over the years – over everything, there was generosity. It didn’t really come together until we were all together again at the event – to watch that happen in the moment was pretty powerful.”

Aligning with the song drop is a live performance video intermixed with captures of the critical work of IJM. The song is available on all streaming platforms or for purchase by clicking here.

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